Maintenance of Generator

H.B.S.  is factory trained and certified on all types of generators. We have certified factory trained technicians ready to troubleshoot, repair, and perform regular maintenance checkups to keep your home power system operating at peak performance. Put your generator in the hands of a local expert.

Generators require periodic preventive maintenance to ensure long-term, trouble-free operation. Early detection can help you identify small problems before they become major repair costs.

Generators are an electrical generating device. It is exceedingly more complicated than any other home appliance you have. A commitment to maintenance must be made to ensure reliability and peace of mind knowing it will start when the power goes out.

Generator Service 7.5kw-22kw $300
Generator Service 25kw-150kw $600

Key Features:-

  • Maintenance of Generator 

  • Change oil, spark plugs, air filters, adjust screws and bolts to the generator unit.

  •  Check voltage and amp outputs to all electrical components of the generator and transfer switch enclosure.

  • Rust erosion maintenance – Waxing of the generator, propane cylinder tank, and transfer switch enclosure

  • Top off the propane in the cylinder tank for a cost of a $1 per pound.

  • Weed and debris maintenance. We will clear an area approximately 2 ft. in circumference of the generator platform and propane cylinder tank platform

  • 4 Emergency responses

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