Whole house surge protector


Whole house surge protector

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Whole House Surge Protector

Electricity is a significant part of our modern life. Without it, we will not be able to enjoy our current lifestyle. However, an unstable electrical supply also poses a danger to our homes and structures. Despite technological advances that improve our national grid, various factors could still affect the system. For that reason, we need to have the best whole house surge protector installed. This device will prevent an uncontrolled increase in voltage or current, thereby protecting the entire circuit. This has the potential to mitigate damage from lightning strikes, internal surges, and other causes.

Key Features :-
Universally compatible with any center box brand.
Comes with four modes of protection to cover most residential applications.
Limited lifetime warranty and connected equipment warranty.
Built-in LED indicator light shows device status at a glance
Easy-to-install for most professionals


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