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Off-Grid Solar System 8kw

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Off-Grid Solar System 8kw

Off-Grid Independence with H.B.S. 36kw Intermediate Solar System

Our off-grid solar power system includes 6 Solar Panels and a Conext Energy power center. This expandable system includes the essential components to get started living off the grid, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of home with normal AC appliances no matter where your property is located.

This system is typically used to power common household appliances such as:

  • Efficient refrigerator
    · Cell phone, tablets and laptop
    · Lights
    · Television
    · Fans
    · Washing Machine
    · Well pump
    · And More!

    120/240 Volt AC Power.This off-grid solar system will deliver full power to a 120/240 volt load panel and includes a battery charger for use with a backup generator.

8kw Starter Solar system complete with supplies and installations $18,000
8kw Intermediate Solar System only $8,400

Key Features:

​·8kW off grid inverter 120 volts single phase
· 310 watts Solar Panels
·550ah deep cycle batteries
· MPPT Charge Controller
·Communication display
· Mid and end clamps
·100 feet of electrical wires and supplies
·Fire Extinguisher
·Lightning Arrestors
·One year service
·Four emergency responses
·5 years warranty
·Electrical installation
·Electrical wiring Diagram\riser
· Concrete placement
· Complimentary offer-security 4 camera system or a solar lights
·Additional Electrical wires pass 100’ is $5 per foot
·Installation of solar to any family island which included lodging sea transportation, and meals $1,000


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