Grid-tie Solar System 15kw


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Grid-tie Solar System 15kw

Grid-tied solar systems connect to your local power grid and the electricity you generate from the sun goes back into the grid, either offsetting your power bill or bringing it all the way down to 0.100 KW Grid-tie system complete with supplies and installations. Grid-tie system complete with supplies and installations is $33,600

Key Features:-
· 15kw Grid-tie inverter 120\240 volts
·(14) 330 watts Solar Panels
·Mid and end-clamps
·100 feet of electrical wires and supplies
·Fire Extinguisher
· Lightning Arrestors
·One year service
·Four emergency responses
· 5 years warranty
· Electrical installation
·Concrete placement
·Complimentary offer-security 4 camera system or a solar light
· Additional Electrical wires pass 100’ is $5 per foot
· Installation of the generator to any family island which included lodging sea transportation, and meals $1,000


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