Diesel Generators 100kw


Diesel Generators 100kw

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Diesel Generators 100kw

The 100KW, thousands of homeowners and business owners trust their Protector Series automatic backup generator to preserve their quality of life and/or business profitability during a power outage. A Protector Series generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to all lights, appliances, electronics, pumps, heating and air-conditioning, allowing you to continue living life comfortably and keep business operating without interruption.

​100KW Diesel Generator complete with supplies and installations $60,000
100KW Diesel Generator Only $8,000

Key Features:-

• 100 kw diesel generator
• Automatic transfer switch
• Tank120gl\420lb
• 500 cranking amp battery
• 30feet of electrical supplies
• 10feet of Galvinise3\4 gas lines with fittings
• Twin stage regulator
• Concrete slabs for both generator and tank
• Fire Extinguisher
• Whole house or business surge protector
• One year service
• Four emergency responses
• 5 years warranty
• Electrical installation
• Gas line installation
• Concrete placement
• Complimentary offer-security camera or solar light
• Additional transfer switch $700
• Additional Electrical wires pass 30’ is $5 per foot
• Additional Gas Line pass 10’ is $10 per foot
• Installation of generator to any family island which included lodging sea transportation, and meals $1,000.


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