Central Air-conditioning 3 ton / 36000btu

Central Air-conditioning 3 ton / 36000btu

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Central Air-conditioning 3 ton / 36000btu


Our air conditioners are all about reliable cooling at an affordable price. This  model  line of air conditioners provides efficient cooling with a nominal SEER rating of 14. The savings don’t stop at energy costs though, this model is designed for quick installation and maintenance as well. It includes advanced components that protect the coil and compressor to ensure the unit’s longevity and your peace-of-mind. Upgrade to your air conditioner today, and stay cool for years to come.


3 Ton/ 36,000 BTU Features

1.36,000 BTU Central air conditioner system comes equipped with both condensers.

2.It is a self-contained ducted cooling system.

3.It Comes pre-charged with environmentally friendly R410A and is built with durable components backed by a 5-year Compressor warranty ensuring long use.

4.Modular 2-piece design allows for easy installation of modular configurations with up-flow, downflow, counterflow, and horizontal positions.


System Includes:

Indoor Unit – Air Handler Outdoor Unit – Condenser 36,000 BTU Variable Cooling Capacity 1-10 Year Warranty R410A

Pre-charged – 16 SEER Efficiency

Technical Data:

36,000 BTU’s of Cooling Capacity36,000 BTU Heat Pump 10 Year Limited Parts Warranty R-410 Recharged – 13 SEER – 8.2 HSPF


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