8 Camera System

8 Camera System $900

    Our 8 Camera System series offer the best in high performance and is used by business and homeowners for a commercial- grade high-definition solution.

    Security DVR Recorders with advanced features discover the best professional digital video recorders CDV’R ‘s at HBS System. Our security camera DVRS enable you to view the live or recorded video from anywhere anytime. enjoy superior performance unlimited access and simple plug and play setup with our recorders HBS system.

    We’re committed to delivering the best professional -grade security system so you can enjoy 24/7 HD surveillance  coverage no matter where you are make it easy for you to manage ,view and store surveillance videos order at hbssystem.com and enjoy free HBS technical support.

key Features 

  • 4MP/5MP Super resolution to identify faces and plate number.
  • large storage space for 24/7 recording 
  • power over ethernet, plug and play easy installation.
  • automatically back up recordings online 


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